Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ok, darned good week of singing

I got to have my first lesson in a month on Monday, and I have to admit, I have had a marvellous week of learning and growth.  The Macbeth aria feels very good, and the "Donna non vidi mai" is beginning to feel like something I have sung for years.  Now I just have to go out there and sing them in front of people.  That is what sets it apart.

I am at the point now that the text is becoming mine.  I was incredibly blown away by the sincereity of the text to "Ingemisco."  I groan for God, who forgave May Magdelene, to redeem me.  I get that, and I can groove on it...

Text.  That is always what creates the drama.  Music enhances it. The voice, the body, and the face convey it.

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